Coach Matt Berry

If you are a hockey goaltender, goalie parent, and/or coach looking to join a community of goalie enthusiasts, subscribe below and/or join the 3D Goaltending network in the "links" section below!

3D Goaltending is not only goaltender coaching but is also a network that will create a community of goaltenders, parents of goaltenders, and coaches in order to make available as many opportunities and resources to supplement each goalie's training and their commitment to play at the highest level of their ability.

Opportunities and resources will include, but not limited to:

  • Group Goalie Sessions (10-20 goaltenders)
    • These sessions will be more focused on skating and movement.
  • Private Sessions (1-3 goaltenders)
    • Private sessions will be more goalie-specific and we will utilize the ice time to work on specific skills
  • In-Practice Support
    • With the approval of team coaches, there will be opportunities to have a goalie coach on the ice during the goalie's team practice. For these sessions, the focus is on specific skills as well as learning how to get the most out of each practice.
  • Video Analysis
    • We will be offering the opportunity for goalies to submit film (practice, games, etc.) that can be analyzed by a coach. We will use these videos/film to support goaltenders off the ice with things to work on.
  • Off-Ice Training Resources
    • We will have dedicated spaces within this network that will provide training resources to use off of the ice. These will include work outs, mental training, and more!
  • Online Support and more!
    • Aside from video analysis and off-ice resources, we want to create a community that supports all members. Goaltending is a very different position than skaters and there are some questions that may not be answered by team coaches and/or teammates. Parents also have questions. We want to create a community where these questions can be answered. We will provide video resources, articles, and other information to help support all goaltenders, parents, and coaches.

3D Goaltending focuses on creating an athlete between the pipes. Instead of playing as a 2D (two-dimensional) wall struggling to cover every hole and portion of the 4'x6' cage, 3D Goaltending strives to create goaltenders who master the art of box control, depth, angles, and most importantly, hustle, determination, athleticism, and commitment.

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